Welcome My name is Alan Banks. I am the CEO and Founder of Banks Enterprise, a Co-opoly. We have been a Co-op since 2009, completing several projects and maintaining several others. Our company philosophy is "Co-opoly"; a phrase coined by my brother Carlos. Unlike a monopoly board, where one person tries to gain everyone's wealth. In a "Co-opoly", when you land on someone's square you gain wealth or some service from that provider. It is a way to insure that we stay within our network and everyone benefit. 

That is how we were able to do the renovations at the Black Repertory Group. A place where people can go to get good entertainment and socialize with the up and coming people in the community and network with the business community. Most of the volunteers were in the Co-opoly and the Berkeley Youth Alternatives.


At Banks Enterprise, we pride ourselves in giving back to the community and we feel the Black Rep, and the Berkeley Youth Alternatives, are a major part of the community.  

Our community involvement runs deep in organizations like Urban Releaf, an urban forestry non-profit organization, based in Oakland, California. They maintain over 10,000 trees in the Oakland and Richmond areas and also provide on the job training and education to disadvantage youth, in the surrounding areas.

Banks Enterprise pledges to do all that we can to achieve our goals and to foster a cooperative spirit for the betterment of our community and the world.

Family Comes First

It does matter what type of family you are born into.

Because if you're born into wealth you have a better chance to make it. Whereas, if you're born into poverty your life will be harder.


Family love, a caring community and Co-opoly all share a common bond. Which is why "Co-opoly" is so important because it can help people not fall through the cracks. Co-opoly can become like your family. We can feed you, educate you, love you, support you, and try to make every co-opoly member a contributing participate of society. See how on our Family Legacy Page.

In the past, before integration, we had to depend on family regardless if it meant moving up North to live with family relatives or moving out West...

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At Banks Enterprise we strive to be a place where people in our community can find resource information that enriches their lives, their families and the the community. Feel free to use the below resource links to help you on your journey and if you have any questions please let us know.

Berkeley (BYA)          Black Rep Theater          California Ballaz          City of Oakland          Golden Gate District          Oakland North.net          Urban Releaf

To contact us you can send us an email: info@banksenterprise.org or give us a call at 510 395-3838. You can also join our mailing list below.

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