Norman Banks Sr.


FAMILY where Life  begins

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Floydzell Jackson [Banks]


Norman Banks Sr. met Floydzell Jackson after high school. Floydzell attended Sumner High School the first African American High School west of Mississippi. Norman Sr. attended Vashon High School the 2nd public high school in St. Louis City for African-American students. They were married on February 5th, 1940 in St. Louis, Mo. and moved to California in 1945. 

This is the day the Dynasty began & story started for the Banks Family

Back in the day, before integration we had to depend on family whether it was moving up north to live with relatives or move out west to work in the ship yards. That is the story of the Banks Family. A story where two people who grew up in single child households became the source of a living dynasty. Born out of the Great Migration is the saga of the Banks Family. A family that depended on each, a Co-opoly before there was one, and a family ingrained in God's Love.  


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