Welcome to the BANKS Enterprise Co-opoly page where the spirit of commercial innovation & community service meets social enterprise entrepreneurship. With our mission “to promote and to protect the institution of family, community, and to empower people to be self-sustaining”, we want you to join us in spreading the word on our cooperative efforts. With your help, this will allow us to share resource information to the local community and beyond.

What is a Co-opoly?

Co-opoly (co-op) is a business or other enterprise jointly owned by its workers or members. It is an independent association of persons who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual, social, economic and cultural benefit. It is an entity bound to the missions that are determined by its members.


What is a








Banks Enterprise has a passion to help others excel in their profession so they can achieve their ultimate goals. Over the years, this strategy has helped a lot of members in our co-op program to become successful in their trade. It has also allowed members to complete a variety of projects and continue to receive request for their services on various other projects.

What is a Co-opoly Member?

♠  A Co-opoly member is a person who can put himself in another person’s shoes. He or she is not afraid to volunteer in his or her community for the right cause. They are able to see a problem and put their heads together to solve that problem. They want to live a good life, but they are not GREEDY!


♠  A Co-opoly member is always striving to get better. He or she will do good deeds on a daily basis, not out of duty, but out of love. It is our duty to Love thy Neighbor. They give with no strings attached, no one is keeping score, and they just do what is needed for betterment of the  co-opoly. 


♠  A Co-opoly member is never jealous of another’s success, we applaud the advancement of our brothers and sisters, we aide in their rise,  because it reflects on all of us when one of us succeeds. “A rising tide lifts all the boats” We will always reach back and grab someone. 


♠  A Co-opoly member is moral, just and honest and shows great patience. We fight hard not to become a slave to our vices.  We try to do all things in moderation, “we do unto other as we would have them do unto us.”  


♠  A Co-opoly member will always remain humble no matter how much they achieve always deflecting attention and notoriety, giving credit where credit is DUE.


The Member Services directory is designed to help you find local resources in the world of performing arts and skilled trades. Our Members are people who have an entrepreneurship spirit with professions such as professional Plumbers, Electricians, Painters and party planning.  Whatever type of service you are looking for there is a great possibly you will find it here. Our Members take pride in their work and our Co-opoly mission, bylaws, and adhere to our code of ethics.


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