Our Family Legacy



Our Family Legacy


In the past, before integration, we had to depend on family regardless if it meant moving up North to live with family relatives or moving out West to work in the shipyards. If you had family living in the North or West, you had an improved chance of living a better life.



Since there were always family members who knew someone that owned a hotel or restaurant, that allowed our ancestors to have better job opportunities.


Randolph Family Migrated West and Initially Lived With The Blackburn Family:

In honor of our great ancestors who toiled and labored in this thing called life to infuse a sense of family.


Through the necessity of incorporating a cooperative spirit our rich family legacy was born. A true Co-opoly before there ever was one.


Two great patriarchs sought out on separate paths in search of greener pastures their families where brought together with the marriage of 

Norman Banks Jr. & Christine Randolph.  

We dedicate Banks Enterprise.org “Co-opoly” in tribute to the heritage of the Banks and Randolph families.

Family Media

Have you been to our  FAMILY MEDIA page? You can find over 100 video's and picture slide shows showcasing our family history, family holidays, family tributes and much more!

Family Travel

Traveling allows you to see and learn about other cultures, eat different cuisines, most importantly, it helps release stress and it broadens the mind. FAMILY TRAVEL

At the center of Black American food celebrations is the value of sharing and our cookbooks often have a common theme of family, food and love. FAMILY RECIPES

Family Tree

Two great patriarchs sought out on separate paths in search of greener pastures their families where brought together with the marriage of 

Norman Banks Jr. & Christine Randolph.  


Family Education

"Traditional college or work and attend a trade school?"  by Anthony Randolph



Making the choice of whether to seek education at a traditional college or work and attend a trade school can often be a difficult choice. Both make it possible to develop talents and skills along with acquiring knowledge that can lead to a successful and lucrative vocation. Before you begin to consider trade school/work or a traditional college option, it is important to decide what you want to do with your life.


There is a good chance that you already have some idea of what type of innate talents and interests you possess. People who are happiest in their work are those who train for vocations that provide them with not only an equitable source of income but also a great deal of personal satisfaction. By identifying what you like to do, what you already display some talent for, and determining how those qualities fit into deciding on a vocation, you can then determine which educational alternative will best allow you to pursue those goals.


For me it was a combination of both. I first went to a community college completing a two year associate’s degree then went to work full time. After which while working I went back to school to earn a Bachelor of Science degree that was paid for by my job. The biggest thing is to do something, try something you are interested in and pursue it like there is no tomorrow. Because you never know, tomorrow is not promised and now is the right time. Our family history is full of examples of life learned experiences and the importance of education. You are never too young, too old, too poor, or too whatever to be educated. Do something to continue our family legacy and make a choice to be educated TODAY!  

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