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Roberta Randolph [Williams]


Elijah and Roberta met as children in Ethelsville, Alabama when Roberta’s family moved to Ethelsville. After courting for a few years, their lives were forever united with their marriage that was fittingly held on the state line of Mississippi & Alabama. 

This is the day the collaboration of the Williams & Randolph’s families began.

They came from a union of two states, in the Deep South. Alabama and Mississippi. Both their fathers came from ColumbusMississippi and mothers from Pickens County Alabama. The following is an account of what has become an American tale of two families brought together by the love of two people and held there by the love of God.


The saga of the Williams and Randolph sojourn began with the birth of Elijah in the year of 1918, February 14th, (Valentine’s Day). He was born in Ethelsville, Alabama to the proud parents of Peter & Eliza (Adams) Randolph. Roberta was born in the year of 1924, December 15th, to the proud parents of Dave & Willie B. (Guyton) Williams.


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