Traveling allows you to see and learn about other cultures, eat different cuisines, most importantly, it helps release stress and it broadens the mind. An easy way to start your travels is to start visiting local areas.


Also travelling to the perfect vacation spot allows you to get away from your normal routine, distress and have somebody work for you for a change, which is always a welcoming experience. I’ve personally found that the same $300 to $500 you may spend at Chucky Cheese, on your child’s birthday party, is the same amount you can use to go on a 3-5 day cruise.  

Travel & Tourism

As it’s important to know proper travel etiquette, there will always be things you won’t know and/or questions you may have when you are traveling (on a cruise?).  


Why not take the opportunity to ask these questions when you are booking your vacation travel with a reputable travel agent.


Let’s not forget that we should always know the proper amount to tip the waiters/waitress who served us those wonderful meals. 


Although some people may not feel waiters/waitress  get a tip, we should be mindful that  a lot of these waiters/waitress often depend on our tips, because this is their sole means to survival.  


They depend on our tips because their salaries aren’t sufficient in helping them house and feed themselves and/or their families.

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There’s never a dumb question when there is something you don’t know, so don’t ever be afraid to ask about things you are unsure about. It’s always equally important to ask those questions you think aren’t important because if you don’t ask you won’t learn!  



Everglades and British Columbia

1.  Grand Canyon

2. Sierra Nevada/Yosemite

3. Yellowstone 

4. Coastal Alaska 

5. Belize, Rain Forest 

6. British Columbia

7. Glazier National Park

8. Everglades

9. Great Lakes/Niagara Falls 

10.Denali National Park 

Travel Tips

 9. Ensure you get your baggage tag and it has the correct route/destination.
10. Don't Plan too much and make it fun.



1.  Consider flying out of another airport.
2. Before you book your tickets, make sure that the price you have includes all fees and taxes.
3. Do your homework by comparing rates on the different websites.
4. Go outside your comfort zone.
5. Check out the fares on red-eye flights.
6. Fly on the off days.
7. If you are booking travel during the holidays, consider flying on the holiday itself.
8. If you are ready to order your tickets, order them as far in advance as possible.

Travel places in the wild

The more you travel, the more you will see that everyone on this planet is trying to survive one way or another.   Just like the rest of us, some people are just doing it on a different level.